Loose Ends


We’re back from Spring Break with a lot to do before we start building. Last Friday, we realized that we still had a lot of loose ends with our design and our drawings. We decided to stay after studio to finalize our design and understand what we had to do over Spring Break. We developed a materials list and worked on our construction documents over the break.

Coming back, we need to continue finalizing everything so we can order our materials. We are behind schedule, but we can’t continue until everything is finalized. We are learning so much this semester, and one of the biggest things is consistency. We need to work as a team so we can all be on the same page with the design so our drawings are communicating the same design. Working together in such a large group can sometimes be frustrating, but we need to continue taking the time to communicate to one another our intentions and design decisions. By doing this, we can achieve the consistency and the specificity that we need for our construction documents. Clear and specific construction documents will be vital when it comes to construction. We also need to manage our time so we can start building soon. By doing these things we can start building. We can do this!

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