The Ribbon is Cut

Today we “unveiled” Frierson’s outdoor learning pavilion. Our colleagues from last year who designed the pavilion were able to come down and join us for the ribbon cutting event as well as the majority of the school. It was nice to meet everyone who was part of the process or who have seen the progress over the years- knowing our work is being seen and appreciated.

The day started with all of us gathering for a ceremony, and kids filed in with bubbles flying and music playing. It all reminded me of what we had at my elementary school – Field Day – where we would play outside and learn outside for an entire day. I think would have loved to play in a new pavilion on my field day. We were competing with firetrucks and other big vehicles since it was what Frierson called their Career Day, but the pavilion was being used. It was awesome to see people embrace something that’s taken so much work.

Although this was not my class’s design, we still learned many lessons from working on a job site and will make design decisions based on this knowledge for our own project at Singleton. Every step of the process in finishing this project was a learning curve, as not only were we fresh to the project but also new to working together and on a large-scale project.

Unfortunately, David and Bradford were taken away for committing high crimes.


the end


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