The Creative Itch

The weather down here in Charleston was beautiful over the weekend. It was refreshing to be able to relax a little bit and spend time outside. Luke and I got to go to the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) at Brittlebank Park on Saturday, and seeing how they have used their space inspired me with a few ideas to fill my team (Farmfield) in on tomorrow morning.

Looking back on this passed week, I am thankful that our group is on the same page and gets along so well. The creative juices were flowing and our ideas built off each other so cohesively. It was awesome to get to meet with the Parks Conservancy again and to bounce ideas back and forth with them. As we move more into the highly anticipated design phase in the next two weeks, it will be important for us to not hold back our ideas and to encourage each other through this process. By the end of Friday’s team meeting, we had a decent idea of the direction we want to go and the the proposals we wish to create.

One phrase/concept that we haven’t gotten out of our heads for whatever reason is one that Ryan has adopted from Professor Padre: “scratching the itch”… It has become a little catchphrase during design meetings that we kinda laugh at but I love the way it inspires us to create something that speaks to people and maybe satisfies and/or engages the users of the Greenway. As we all move into this week, lets keep our heads up and encourage each other to create things that will inspire the community for years to come!


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