Taking Names and Having Class

Hey guys, Happy Friday!

As we close out this week I would just like to do a nice little recap of all we accomplished this week.  This week began with us coming to class on Monday in teams of two full of ideas for a start in designing the program for the Charleston Parks Conservancy as well as coming up with some catchy names for the project.  After Monday’s review, we then came to class on Wednesday with more proposals and discussed the similarities and differences between each group! Now each group is working on more refined proposals to present later in class today, and as Amanda stated previously this was all accomplished through social distancing because of the technology we had at our disposal. (who knew Miro would be such a cool tool?) Moving forward I’m hoping to have some interesting conversations in class today, but enough about that. Did I mention we have the privilege of coming up with a name for the Conservancy!?

One thing I can say for certain is that a few of us might have spent more time than we care to admit coming up with names, but having the privilege of branding an organization is not something to take lightly. It’s really an honor that they even considered letting us have this privilege!  Coming from the review on Friday I can recall them saying they wanted a name that represented them well but also was not too intimidating and more welcoming. Here are a few ideas that my partner and I came up with.

As you can see we had some fun(perhaps maybe too much?) coming up with names that were playful but still trying to keep the essence of what the Conservancy wanted. A base of operation to serve not only for themselves but a place that also welcomes the community. Noting is set in stone yet as this was just an exercise to get some ideas flowing but we hope moving forward we can do the Conservancy justice and present them a befitting name!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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