It’s Draw Bridge Time

As magical, fun, and woefully useless as a Mulberry Pond drawbridge would be, it is not the kind of bridge we are proposing. Maybe after we build a castle and find some not-too-friendly alegators to defend it we'll revisit the drawbridge idea, but for now the bridge and pavilion we are proposing is much more [...]

Land of a Thousand Bridges

Today marks the first official day of design reviews. The site is chosen, the site data is collected and documented, and the first round of design ideas is ready to be dissected. There are an astounding amount of ways to cross a pond as small as Mulberry! Some are more practical than others of course, [...]

Easy + Hard Asks

PROJECT UPDATES: The Charleston Parks Conservancy community charette to discuss plans for the next phase of development on the West Ashley Greenway/Bikeway is just two weeks away. Yesterday was the last mad dash to prepare graphics for printing the signs that will be posted along the greenway and bikeway. We have been pouring our effort [...]