Last Day of Spring Cleaning

Today was our last day of Spring cleaning. Before we all disbursed from the C.A.C.C. we spent the first half hour of class conversing over each others research topics. As a team, we are working together researching data about our design build site at the Edith L. Frierson Elementary School. Only a couple days after meeting Dr. Cummings and her team, our team has been able to research many different aspects ranging from: the physical attributes of the site, Montessori education,  demographics, local resources, etc. As we all research about the site, we share with one another important attributes that stand out to us or something that we may find cool to implement into the design. By keeping an open mind in the beginning it allows us to be more creative and innovative in the end…

The indoor portion of studio has come to an end. Grab the paint… grab the brushes…. get the polyurethane… Let’s get over to “Medway park and garden” and  “Forest Park”! Most of the class had to go to Medway Park due to the amount of painting that needed to be finished, but a couple of the students got to run over to Forest Park first and finish the handrail. I went to Medway so I haven’t seen the handrails in over a week. When I saw the pictures I was amazed at the change!


After a final coat at Forest Park we then had our entire class out at Medway. Students got to have a little extra fun today while working after someone remembered to grab the “boombox” from the wood shop. Below are some action shots of the final touches of painting! Spring cleaning is finally done! Time to focus on our research indoors while the weather gets cold and rainy for the next so many days.


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