Finish Line Coming Up

As the semester is coming to a close there is still so much to do! On Friday we were able to get the columns in place and put in the framework for the concrete pour that is happening tomorrow. After we tie up some loose ends on site, we plan on going straight back to the factory to show off what all the Community 1:1 students have done for their non-profits! We also get the opportunity to see what other students have been working on in other classes as we haven’t been able to mingle with them much this semester. After we finish up with our reviews tomorrow, we all plan on attending the roof top social at the factory to celebrate what all the students have accomplished this semester and then going back to working and finishing up end-of-semester assignments for other classes. 

Even though it’s been hot and tiring outside, and just stressful overall with it being the end of the semester, we find joy in the little things like the babies we get to see everyday! Obviously from a distance to avoid violence.

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