The Muscles

As we prepare to wrap up the remainder of the semester, all efforts have been placed in entirely on Ardmore. Although we most likely won’t be installing the bridge by the end of this semester, everything will be ready to go to jump right back in at the beginning of the Fall. Today, we set and completed all of the form work for the foundation.

Top of the morning – Precious crew getting ready for the day. Holes completely dug and posts to be positioned for concrete pour.
Approx. 11 am – So perfect and gorgeous 8 x 8 Timber posts placed into 6′ deep holes to be filled with concrete.
Maddi being so wonderful and diligent cutting steel bars to help reinforce the foundation on the two ends of the bridge.
Just love John to death. The muscles of the group. Look how sweet and precious he looks admiring all of our hard work. Give yourself a pat on the back Ray #3.

We also had final presentations for Community 1:1 today, and participated in some final reviews for the ITC and Building Technology Course. It was refreshing getting to see all the work from everyone and having the opportunity to gain some insight on what the undergrads have been up to. Forgot to snap pics because I was so intrigued by all the incredible work. Attaching an image of my final board for Community 1:1 below instead.

I partnered with Enough Pie this semester and absolutely loved every second with them. I worked on three main projects for this years Awakening. Each year EP has a theme that addresses issues that face Charleston, specifically the upper peninsula. In the past they have address topics like flooding on the peninsula, food desserts, transportation, and more. This years Awakening XI: Underground, focuses on elevating the roots of communities on the peninsula by honoring and committing to the ancestors that established a presence, culture, and way of life. Ep addresses these issues through creative placemaking, storytelling, and artwork. Hence the projects I had the opportunity to work on this semester!

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