Timbercrete or…

As mentioned in a previous blog, we've been divided in two sections of ITC: laminated timber and casting. I chose to pursue casting to experiment more with timbercrete, one of the 10 materials available for us to explore in this section. Timbercrete is a unique mixture of cement, sand, water, and sawdust so it is [...]

The Muscles

As we prepare to wrap up the remainder of the semester, all efforts have been placed in entirely on Ardmore. Although we most likely won't be installing the bridge by the end of this semester, everything will be ready to go to jump right back in at the beginning of the Fall. Today, we set [...]

Frierson Posse

As a member of the Frierson posse, I can give some insight into what we accomplished for the day and our plan for the remainder of the week. We've assembled a set of drawings for the bench, counter for the sink, shelving, and handles for each operable door. We need these drawings to be hyper-specific [...]

Come Together

Friday was a huge success, and lots of great comments and feedback were provided. Synthesizing the five unique projects will be the task of the week. By scrutinizing the strengths and weaknesses of each project, we now know what to integrate into the next phase of design, and what NOT to integrate. It's essential that [...]

Forecast: Sunny

                With Friday's meeting approaching, everyone is in full work mode brainstorming ideas for individual design. Trace paper, lead dust, markers, and rulers dominate the workspace. Although we will not be producing high-quality renderings or detailed technical drawings, it is crucial that we pump out as many ideas [...]

Winter Is Coming

Over the weekend, the Frierson group made lots of progress on site. With all of the walls framed, cladded, and secured, all that is left is installing some seating and shelving. This will be designed and fabricated in the woodshop over the next few weeks. The site was also tided up and looks clean as [...]