Come Together

Friday was a huge success, and lots of great comments and feedback were provided. Synthesizing the five unique projects will be the task of the week. By scrutinizing the strengths and weaknesses of each project, we now know what to integrate into the next phase of design, and what NOT to integrate. It’s essential that we all come to a compromise; therefore, we will reduce from five groups to three and eventually down to just one.


After meeting briefly with David at the beginning of class, all three groups went straight into the design. For two hours, we explored many iterations discussing site strategies, program, structure, and more. Immediately after, we came together as a class to review each design; luckily for us, the three options were all strikingly similar. This will help us move toward a more comprehensive project that includes features from past projects. This week will require a massive effort from everyone. Spring break is around the corner, and we will meet again the following week for our final design review!!!





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