Shop Days

It’s been a while since our studio has been on site, but I promise we didn’t pour the slab and called it quits. You should see us sometime today bringing in the structural pieces to start building the pavilion we have created for you! We have been working extremely hard in the shop getting all [...]

Off To Work We Go

We are super excited to start working on-site, and today is the day! From the research phase to individual design concepts, to small group designs, and finalizing a design as a whole studio, we can't wait to show you what we have come up with for you all. Today, we will be working with the [...]

Keep On Moving Along

We had a great talk with Kim and discussed how to make a rainwater garden and the calculations for it to become successful. To give a quick recap, we have divided into four groups, each focusing on significant components in the design. Some of the details are the roof structure, lateral stability, slab shape, etc. [...]

Back To It

After much needed rest from intensive research and diagrams, putting our presentation boards together, and model making, we are coming back with fresh ideas after our presentation with the city and the Charleston Park Conservancy. Not only did we receive feedback on the big picture items (see previous post), but we also received feedback on [...]

Water Edge, Tree Line, Open Space

Last week, the studio decided to divide the East side of the site into three different sections because of the many possible opportunities in the area. Each person was responsible for making a site plan of the future site, incorporating the pavilion in their designated section, and how secondary paths may look within their area. [...]