Finish Line Coming Up

As the semester is coming to a close there is still so much to do! On Friday we were able to get the columns in place and put in the framework for the concrete pour that is happening tomorrow. After we tie up some loose ends on site, we plan on going straight back to [...]

Here We Go Again

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. With only three weeks left in the semester, there are a lot of things that are needing to be done. We have three projects that we are working on and plan on having them finished by the end of April! With that, we have broken up [...]

Final Countdown

What a week! This past Friday we had the opportunity to present to the Parks Conservancy, Green Heart, Meeting Street Academy (MSA), and the City our small group designs. Many beautiful ideas were presented to them and everyone in attendance had such positive things to say about each project that it's definitely going to be [...]

Week Ahead

Not too much has been going on since our last post. To recap, the studio is broken up into 3 teams for the site location/structure. Team one (T1) and team two (T2) are working on a single structure with T1 being in the center and T2 being adjacent to garden bed locations. Team Three is [...]

T-Minus 10 (…days until PLI)

It is great to be back at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston! Coming back after being a part of the Fall 2021 semester, I am excited to be working with the Charleston community again, and our studio cannot wait to get something started for you all. If you have been keeping up with our [...]

Shop Days

It’s been a while since our studio has been on site, but I promise we didn’t pour the slab and called it quits. You should see us sometime today bringing in the structural pieces to start building the pavilion we have created for you! We have been working extremely hard in the shop getting all [...]

Off To Work We Go

We are super excited to start working on-site, and today is the day! From the research phase to individual design concepts, to small group designs, and finalizing a design as a whole studio, we can't wait to show you what we have come up with for you all. Today, we will be working with the [...]

Keep On Moving Along

We had a great talk with Kim and discussed how to make a rainwater garden and the calculations for it to become successful. To give a quick recap, we have divided into four groups, each focusing on significant components in the design. Some of the details are the roof structure, lateral stability, slab shape, etc. [...]

Back To It

After much needed rest from intensive research and diagrams, putting our presentation boards together, and model making, we are coming back with fresh ideas after our presentation with the city and the Charleston Park Conservancy. Not only did we receive feedback on the big picture items (see previous post), but we also received feedback on [...]