Shop Days

It’s been a while since our studio has been on site, but I promise we didn’t pour the slab and called it quits. You should see us sometime today bringing in the structural pieces to start building the pavilion we have created for you!

We have been working extremely hard in the shop getting all the materials in order. Team Wood has been working tirelessly in organizing all the wood pieces for the build, priming, and painting, cutting holes and slits for steel connections, and so much more. Team Steel has still been in the fabricating phase with cutting pieces, welding them together, grinding and sanding down the welds, but we are finally coming to an end with the structural pieces. We have a few more things to weld together and prime/paint, but we are all making good progress. Check below for some progress pictures and a short description of what’s going on!

This is the “T-Beam.” The beam is around 10ft long and weighs over 100 pounds. This is used to support the structural load of the roof. The beam is being prepped for its second welding component seen in the far right by those red markers.
These are the rest of the long T’s. Once the second welding component is complete (previous caption above), three T’s and two short T’s will be welded together to make two long beams to support the roof. (Yes, this will be welded in the shop, and yes, they will be EXTREMELY heavy). All students will work together to take these bad boys out to site.
These are our rafters with the primer on! These also help support the roof, and these will be visible once under the pavilion. The picture above shows how they will look once underneath, but something has to hold those two pieces together in the center. Any guesses? (See below)
This beautiful steel component is what’s going to hold those two rafters together! This picture shows them being dried after the prime and paint was completed (and yes, it was very stinky in the shop). However, before we could paint, we had to cut each piece to fit its angle, then weld, grind, sand, and wash each piece. Each connection is slightly different to match the different length of the rafters.
These are the bottom (or top) of the columns! The slit that Team Wood has cut fits perfectly for the steel plates (see below) that will be bolted in the concrete to support the columns. This is what we hope to bring on site today!
Another column angle. We hope you like the color we picked!
The steel plates! These will be bolted into the concrete. This will slide into that slit in the columns made by Team Wood, and the holes will match perfectly with the columns. The tab that is sticking out is going to be used to support the tables.

Thank you so much for your endless support and excitement as we move forward building. We have so many small details within the pavilion that we hope you notice! If you have time or wondering if you can, feel free to stop by and take a peek at what phase we are in. We ask for you to just be careful when coming on site as we do not want anyone to get hurt!

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