Knee Deep in the Community

Today marks the day of our group design review with Greenheart, the Parks Conservancy, and the City of Charleston for a community garden at Singleton Park. The studio has been diligently working on models and drawings all week in groups of three to present five different schemes to these partners. It’s safe to say that the laser cutters are no longer missing the lack of activity around here.

Working in small groups has been a challenge but a vital step in strengthening our communication and design compromise within the studio. As we shift into our stages of final design these coming weeks, compromise and patience will be necessary to navigate the differing ideas of fifteen different individuals smoothly and successfully.

In other news, a small team went out this week to take measurements at the Ardmore site in order to move forward with the bridge installation later this semester. Unfortunately, this was no easy task. Navigating the prickly brush and murky water was bad enough, but hissing geese also created an additional unwelcome distraction. The team really committed to the mantra of ‘anything for the blog’ this week. Even in these trying conditions, accurate measurements were recorded.


From these measurements, a site section was developed in order to determine where the concrete foundational supports will be required. With this vital step now complete, the group can now begin to plan the logistics of getting the bridge from Clemson and properly installed adjacent to the Ardmore pavilion. A drafted cost estimate has also been progressing in order to plan for the necessary costs of material and payment for the bridge itself. The studio will continue to work toward the goal of having the bridge installed by May 1st. Stay tuned for the final installation!

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