Model Mania(cs)

Today was another day progressing our designs for our next meeting with our stakeholders, but much of what was started on today were physical models. Physical models are key tools in quickly communicating a design idea to others – sometimes in a simplicity that can’t be captured by a computer program.

As has been done in prior semesters here at CB studio, each team has been assigned to build a scale model of their design to be built at Singleton Park. Although in prior studios the bases for models were all the same dimensions and style, this year with our diversity in design approaches we decided the best way to capture them was to have different sizes bases but keep within a similar style.

As we have been working with pen and paper, or mouse and keyboard for the past few weeks, I felt it was refreshing to get my head out of my desk/screen and to start working more with my hands. Selection of materials, colors, detail, and so many other decisions are made in the process of building a physical model, that do not come up to the same literal degree as a computer model.

Above is my model, half way done so excuse the bare bones of it. A lot of consideration went into the choices of materials as well as how to physically fabricate a model this size. Using wood felt like the natural option as we see the structure of the pavilion to be wood, and there are still a lot of decisions to be made in completing.


All in all, we are plowing ahead in the design process and will have 5 great physical models by the end of this week, ready to share with our stakeholders and you all.

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