ITC – I’m thinking Concrete

ITC, or Introduction to Craft, is another one of our classes here at the CDCC that in a nutshell teaches us how to think with our hands with materials. Over the past week, we have been researching and thinking about our latest assignment - simply exploring casting techniques with a variety of materials (concrete, tabby, [...]

Model Mania(cs)

Today was another day progressing our designs for our next meeting with our stakeholders, but much of what was started on today were physical models. Physical models are key tools in quickly communicating a design idea to others - sometimes in a simplicity that can't be captured by a computer program. As has been done [...]

Working around the Weather

Instead of driving to our Frierson site today to continue with the build, we had to regroup and find out how we can make the best of a rainy and stormy day. Luckily there is plenty to do both on site and off, between managing Frierson and Ardmore as well as preparing for our President's [...]