Working around the Weather

Instead of driving to our Frierson site today to continue with the build, we had to regroup and find out how we can make the best of a rainy and stormy day. Luckily there is plenty to do both on site and off, between managing Frierson and Ardmore as well as preparing for our President’s conference early next month. But we were in need of a lesson in grinding and welding before we began on one of the last jobs of Frierson: applying door pulls.

Seen above is David showing us the different and preferred chamfered edges for metal pieces to be welded, before demonstrating a weld:

We are also in the process of getting the last walls at Frierson secured and clad – so one of the tasks we wanted to complete today was the cutting and sizing of the plywood and polycarbonate sheets. It took a bit longer since we are trying to minimize our waste and maximize the amount of usable material, but after we crunched the numbers and laid things out, we were on to the saws.

                     until next time

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