Everything’s Coming Up Planters

Even with a four-day week, Team Planter Box has made significant progress in addressing some of the issues that caused last week’s setbacks. In the last two days, the exterior Wear Deck boards and trim have been added, creating a sleek look for these ‘floating’ boxes.

As of yesterday evening, the first planter box is now complete. It’s hard to believe that just two days ago the planter box was only framing. Today the crew will begin work on the second planter box to wrap up the project and move on to assisting Team Bridge.

In other exciting news, the concrete/casting section of Introduction to Craft had their first practice round of casting yesterday down in the shop. The team was tasked with making two small, rammed earth bricks to explore what will be next week’s material assignment.

While one half of the group worked on creating wood formwork for the group, the other half created a mixture of both larger and smaller aggregates, both undyed and dyed to be used as the layers for the rammed earth brick. The two groups then convened to ram the earth into tight layers. Later this afternoon the team will remove the formwork to reveal the product of their hard work.

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