We’ve all heard the saying “Build a bridge and get over it.” If we took this literally and proposed that the only way to get over or move on from a situation was by building a bridge and walking over it we’d have a lot of annoyed people in the world because it’s not a simple task. Well, it depends on the type of bridge. If your bridge looks anything like the pieces of wood laid across this creek you’d be well and on your way in 30 minutes; building anything more and you need to sit aside a few weeks.We started the semester by splitting up in a few groups so we could tackle multiple projects at once. A few of us have been piecing together the metal bridge you see below. You would think that with the pieces, pictures and an existing section of the bridge we could just configure it like a puzzle but it’s a lot more involved. We spent a good amount of time figuring out the left & right members from the left & right members and yes that’s exactly how it sounds, confusing. But once we figured out how to connect one full A/V member it was fairly easy to do the rest…as long we had ten hands.

Now that we’re a few weeks into the project and have figured out how to assemble the bridge, we started to think through how to make the bridge be a bridge. We’re working on how to connect our bridge pieces to each other (there are three sections) and also to the foundation. Flashback to last semester, we actually already started the foundation, as you can see in the first image. We knew we still had a few minor things to tweak with the foundation until we realized that we made a mistake.

Long story short, when we poured the concrete pads for our foundation one side ended up being a foot off. This threw off our measurements and honestly, put us all in disbelief. How did this happen!? My group wasn’t as concerned with how it happened just how to solve the issue and we did. We thought long and hard today! I was in my focused thinking stance for a solid 30 minutes, see the picture! After hours of thinking through options, we confirmed the mistake with the group and agreed on expanding our concrete pad.

This issue might seem tiny compared to what we will deal with in the future but I’m glad we learned from it. Hopefully we’ll be installing the bridge in the next couple weeks so stay tuned!

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