We've all heard the saying "Build a bridge and get over it." If we took this literally and proposed that the only way to get over or move on from a situation was by building a bridge and walking over it we'd have a lot of annoyed people in the world because it's not a [...]

Jackie of all Trades

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you know that this last week of the semester has consisted of wrapping up a couple of projects with the main focus being on Frierson Elementary. Monday we installed the countertop, sink, shelves, and a few door handles. With no surprise, we stumbled upon a little bump [...]

Day & Night

Architecture doesn't know the difference between day and night. This is especially true when working on a model the day before a review. I do not advise this, but sometimes that's how it is. We've made the most of it, though! The last month of the semester causes stress levels to increase and sleep to [...]

Wood you, could you, build a cabinet?

A lunch and learn is like an adult field trip. I visited Low Country Case & Millwork with coworkers from CEMS and I was truly amazed. Before entering the building we were greeted by an alligator sunbathing by the pond which I thought was the warmest welcome. LCCM recently moved into a brand new 52,000 [...]

Blame it on the Contractor

I'm kidding, don't do that. Can you find a mistake in the picture above? To make it easier, can you spot the difference in details on the right and left sides? While at work today we played a big game of “spot the difference” or "find the mistake." I learned a lot about the firm's [...]

Rail Hands-On Experience

Just sand both handrails and apply the varnish. Easy enough. As Peyton and I arrived to Forest Park to refinish the bridge handrails we were thinking this job would be done in an hour, tops. We quickly realized that it would not be completed in an hour.  On the first day, we only had one [...]