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This weekend was a busy one! I’ll start with the Glamorous work… Two of my fellow peers and I attended the AIA Greenville award ceremony on Friday night and to our “surprise” we were awarded the Student Merit award for the CommunityBuild project completed last semester! Audrey, Nicole and myself worked on the submission for this project in the background of studio work at the beginning of the semester; and although we already had the majority of the work, this was a matter of displaying it the best to show the collaboration and focus of the group outside of the studio. The jurors were IMPRESSED! While being awarded they spoke of the eye for detail (down to the fabrication of the fasteners) and the benefit of having real world building experience before entering the industry. This was a fantastic opportunity and great networking experience! I am extremely grateful that I was able to attend and be a part of such a high profile project.

Next up: The not-so-glamorous work… Upon return from Greenville we joined our peers to finish prepping the second side of the concrete slab. Once again we had to tamp the ground, lay the form work, and place the vapor barrier and rebar. This was all completed Friday-Saturday and definitely progressed smoother the second time around. Today is the second concrete pour, let’s hope it goes as well as the first! More updates to come on the finalization of the slab! You’ll begin to see more shop work as this part of the site-work wraps up.

Here are few more pictures from the concrete pour and rebar prep:

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