Twelve little builders and a Birthday Boy

Twelve little builders come from  the cigar factory
ready to build something  extraordinary
Some go to the wood shop  to build a mock-up
Listening to Kendall’s music to get pumped up
They ‘re hard at work and cutting wood
They are sure that all is good
Drilling in screw after screw
Excited to have a pier preview
Finally the mock-up is done
They are now ready for the fun
It turns from a shelf into a bench
sliding thanks to that 1/8th of an inch
But hold on,  the fun doesn’t stop
It also becomes a table top
Soon they realize the pieces don’t quite fit
And  will have to adjust the design a bit
Meanwhile some little builders are on site
Continue to build till the beginning of the night
Taking with them clippers, shovels and tape
To start making a change to this Enston landscape
They are clipping the excess grass with the hoe
While Alex controls the small backhoe
Taking out roots and digging out dirt
Hopefully no one will get hurt
Everyone’s back is put to work
Because we had to bend to align the formwork
We also put in the rebar and ties
And made sure we had the right spacing and size
Today is David Pastre’s Birthdayyyyyyyy
He does not like gifts but they gave him one anywayyyyyy
We are finally ready for tomorrow’s concrete pour
Our structure will very soon have a floor
Twelve little builders and a birthday boy are now super sore
But they are also ready for more.

I really had a great building week. I feel like I am learning more in a week than I did in a year in front of a computer. It helps a lot to see what goes into a structure and actively build it.  It helps me understand what I am building and designing and why we are doing it that way. I am very excited for the rest of this process.
I have also been on a problem solving high because I have been involved in the pier design process and I feel like every time we solved a problem we created another one.


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