David Pastre

The trusses are up and we are HAPPPPPPYYYY! A few issues need to be fixed but we are 90% done and the review went well In my previous post I described the 12 little builders, so now it's time to talk to you all about the man in charge of teaching the 12 little builders. [...]

Twelve little builders WHO?

Hello blog reading people, We've been telling you for weeks now about what the project is about, how it's getting built, what the challenges have been, what was successful and what not. But do you really know who is building this thing? 12 students: 7 Undergrads  + 5 Grad students Our group is composed of [...]

Twelve little builders and a Birthday Boy

Twelve little builders come from  the cigar factory ready to build something  extraordinary Some go to the wood shop  to build a mock-up Listening to Kendall's music to get pumped up They 're hard at work and cutting wood They are sure that all is good Drilling in screw after screw Excited to have a [...]

B.A.R Review + Stress Management

This week we have been continuing work on construction documents and program planing for the Farmer's Stand as well as for the B.A.R presentation on Thursday. We have submitted for final approval for the Farmer's Stand in order to be able to to start construction and finish the project in a timely manner (Mid-December). If [...]

Arch Architecture

Monday, we started to look at different construction methods for arches. We want to try to incorporate the Enston Home arches in our structure and possibly have it as a main element in our design. We are now all working together to try to find the appropriate construction methods to guide our final design. We [...]

Back to Charleston!

Today [Sunday] after a great game vs Texas A&M, everyone made their way back to Charleston and are getting ready for the very important design week ahead. We  have one week to create and present four different designs.  We have all been working with our small groups via phone and Skype this past week as [...]