Twelve little builders WHO?

Hello blog reading people,

We’ve been telling you for weeks now about what the project is about, how it’s getting built, what the challenges have been, what was successful and what not. But do you really know who is building this thing?
12 students: 7 Undergrads  + 5 Grad students
Our group is composed of very different individuals with big personalities but somehow, it works?
Here we goooo:

Let’s start with the Fab 4: 

Audrey is a super smart individual who is awake 23/24h of the day. She is one of the three students who have taken this studio last semester. Her brain is constantly working and her work adrenaline is on extreme high.  You can often hear Audrey making weird sounds that are sure to make you laugh for a solid 5min or spazing into weird dance moves or facial expressions that leave you a bit confused. Audrey has been one of the main people in charge of the beautiful trusses.

Taylor is one of the best communicators of the group. She is also a very talented designer and a strong leader.  She’s very good at explaining everything and makes sure that everyone is on the same page.
Taylor is from Colorado and will not let you tell her that it is cold in South Carolina. Taylor and Audrey are the dynamic duo, they bring the loud and crazy out of each other and will not let you even mention that they will lose at corn-hole. Taylor will often be found talking about her UCI (unidentified construction injuries).

Alex is the one we go to. No question is too difficult for The Alex. He knows the ins and outs of construction so he is an extreme asset to our team. He is often made fun of for his strong southern accent especially when he says “2 by 4’s” (twoBfour).  Alex also really likes Hardee’s and he might be the only person on the planet to eat there, so shutout to him for keeping them in business. But all jokes aside, Alex is extremely intelligent and knows a lot about a lot of random things.

Nicole is another one of the students who did the community build studio last semester. She is a very talented designer and an overall ray of sunshine  to have around. When she is not designing trusses and building farm manager’s stations, Nicole is out making us proud and winning trophies and titles as Miss South Carolina! You will often hear Nicole scream (Oh Mah God) 5 min after a very minor incident has happened. We need her here though to make sure everyone has acknowledged that someone messed up…. 5 min later.

Let’s move on to the (Boyband) aka The morning crew: 

When he has a task at hand Dris is always determined to get the job DONE as quickly and as well as possible with spouts of dance moves, finesse, and jokes in the midst of it. He is the very loud and energetic lead singer of the Boyband. When he is not making fun of one of us, stealing the aux cord or attempting to smooth talk, Dris can be found jumping around while screaming rap lyrics, or responding with a very confident “don’t worry I got this Chlo” when tackling a new task. He always does “got this”, it gets things done properly!

Jaylin likes to get the job done RIGHT, which means he quadruple checks the steps he has to take before he gives you a beautiful product.
Jaylin is smooth and understated but he stays out of the spotlight for good reasons. His dancing is deliberate and spot on though it is rare that you’ll see him bust a move in his swanky multicolored shoes. However, when he does, watch out! Jaylin is also notorious for writing long blog posts!

OMMM what to say about Ahmad? He takes initiative but is also a team player. He is dedicated and will make sure you understand why things are done in a certain way. He is always calm and collected.
When a good jam is on you will know because Ahmad is always smiling ear to ear, singing and dancing with such passion that you feel it in your soul.
Contrary to Taylor’s belief that there is no winter in South Carolina, Ahmad always has 50 thousand layers on to make sure the “transition weather” doesn’t get the best of him.

Kendall is very talented and always ready to lend a helping hand. He thinks about the little things that will help make the job easier which is great. Kendall is the team’s DJ, he always has the poppin’ playlists and sets the mood in the woodshop. Kendall is also one of the dancers of the band, he’ll come out with the smooth moves when the timing is right. He is often the one who disagrees with the rest of the boy band. He likes to challenge the status quo which makes for extremely interesting conversations during our building time.

Chari is ALWAYS on top of it, she knows who needs to be where and to do what and is everywhere. She is super sweet and is a huge asset to our team. Chari is the one taking the fantastic photos, ordering our material, budgeting, making schedule and talking to everyone; she’s David’s right hand woman! She can be considered the manager of the Boyband, she keeps them in check. Chari will often be found guilty of extreme laughter, it will go on for at least a half hour, and then start again 10 min later for another half hour.

Let’s end with the randos… they don’t belong to a specific category “do you even go here?”

Libby is a lover of all things outdoors, and by outdoors I mean being on the Enston Home grass instead of the woodshop. Libby is absurd, brilliant, and  very determined. She will try to find hacks to make the job go smoothly. She is also a fan of the sledge hammer: anything that will let her show out those biceps and work those “spin class” calves is a job for her. “Too weak”? not her! she will go above and beyond to show you that no task is too hard for her. Aside from being a wine and beer connoisseur Libby knows a little bit about everything going on on site and in the shop. She thinks any time is a good time for a dog video, and also likes to use “old lady words” like rambunctious to describe the studio team.

Lauren is an old soul, she is very smart and will challenge every design decision with something she thinks is even cooler or crazier “that’s crazyyy”. She is always thinking of ways to push the design further. Lauren always has fun facts in her back pocket that have no correlation whatsoever to the matter at hand. It can be very entertaining at times but also very confusing to anyone who doesn’t understand her thought process.
Lauren will often be found with a gardening hoe chopping off roots, with a sledge hammer banging on concrete or saying hilarious things like “I got dirt in my derriere”.

Chloe (ME) : (As written by a fellow rando “Libby”)
Chloe is the most ridiculous human being. Her sass is unmatchable but her passion and determination makes makes you strive to be a better person. She is on top of her game and is the programming queen of this studio. Ask her the dimension of anything relating to the concrete piers, she’ll give it to you with the exact 1/32″ of an inch followed by a look that screams, “I’M SO OVER IT.” Chloe is a friend to all and exclusively trash talks to your face. She does not shy away from a challenge, even if that means finding a way to secretly film everyone’s dance moves. Last but not least, her creative genius stems far and beyond architecture – if you don’t believe me, read her blog posts for Studio V Fall 2019.

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