Pier Reveal (IT WAS COLD THAT DAY)!!!

We recently had our concrete pour for our piers on Monday afternoon (November 11th). The pour was successful and unsuccessful in many ways that derived great teaching moments for all us to take forward regarding our future endeavors. We revealed the form work that formed the shape and intricate pieces of our piers on Wednesday (November 13th).We discovered that due to certain parameters and methods that either couldn’t be carried out or that was but not to its entirety lead to their being some minor issues that are easily going to be fixed over the next couple of days. The work up till this point is very rigorous and precise but it is very enjoyable to see how beautifully things are coming together through the hard work and dedication of the class. It is also very enjoyable to see the Enston Homes community members and Green Heart be engaged in the entire process, we as a class appreciate your motivation and curiosity.


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