Assemble That Trust

This was a great and successful day because we were able to assemble four out of the five trusses. We came up with a very effective way to assemble the trusses and this process helped us be more efficient . The great teamwork that everybody brought was definitely a great bonus. It was a great [...]

Pier Reveal (IT WAS COLD THAT DAY)!!!

We recently had our concrete pour for our piers on Monday afternoon (November 11th). The pour was successful and unsuccessful in many ways that derived great teaching moments for all us to take forward regarding our future endeavors. We revealed the form work that formed the shape and intricate pieces of our piers on Wednesday [...]

Happy P Day !!!

Today we came into the wood shop to cut out sheets of melamine to help us make sure that our rebar layout is perfect and aligned correctly for concrete pour tomorrow morning (October 31). The experience gained from completing this task was very incentive and engaging as we further learned wood shop techniques to equivalently [...]

John Moore Pt. 2

Some of my classmates and I had the opportunity of having our structural engineer John Moore as a guest speaker/teacher in our Architectural Seminar class (ARCH 4210). He taught us the fundamental principals to buildings and their structure. The purpose of his teachings was to help us understand the basic structural principles and material qualities [...]

Understanding Structure

As a team we have been doing massive amounts of research on material, materiality, and structure. With our in depth research we are understanding how certain systems work and how they can be implemented + cost efficient for our design. We also understand how important material is to the overall function of the building so [...]

Progress during Hurricane

This is the design idea that I came up with as a way of laying out the program spaces of the structure. During break we kept in communication via text message and skype. We discussed the diagram layout of the program and we went further to discuss what the program of the structure needed. We [...]