Ipe Has Arrived!

I try to find the light in every situation. Monday, the situation was a failed concrete pier and the stress of quickly bracing the other piers so that they would not follow suit. On Tuesday, the light was that I had a great story to tell my coworkers, family, and friends, and that I learned from the experience. As Audrey had said in her Monday post, “Prep now, struggle less later.” It’s just unfortunate we didn’t over prep/brace the edged piers. But I can assure you now, all of us will be much more willing to put in a little more work so that flying specimens won’t hit the fan later.




Speaking of Tuesday, we picked up about 2,000 lbs of ipe for our trusses! And yes, a few of us literally picked up a cumulative 2,000 lbs of hard wood members and move them from the trailer to the shop. Go team! Now I can’t wait to transport and lift built trusses to the site…

Looking ahead for today, after a brief studio meeting, one team will begin building trusses in the shop. The other team will work on site, prepping the remaining pier for another concrete pour and stripping the dried piers of their existing form work. It will be a busy and somewhat stressful day! Also a cold day…have you seen the weather forecast?! What are we, the midwest?


**PSA: Today in Ohio it was 12 degrees and there was snow on the ground. I may joke about cold weather here but please be assured that I love Charleston weather and am extremely thankful I’m not looking at snow in November.


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