Who Let the Concrete Out?

Throughout the process of the semester, I’ve learned that things really never go as planned.  Yesterday marked the “last” concrete pour, but probably not more than an hour into the pour one of our forms started bowing in the middle and gave out.  Not to mention the vibrator which was supposed to help only ended up expedite the swelling in some of the other forms. Thinking on our feet some of the team, led by Alex, went back and added additional bracing to some of the forms which seemed to be in the worst condition.

With a plan concocted to re-pour the one pier Wednesday, the team also begins to prep for the incoming shipments of treated pine and ipe for the benches/purlins  and truss assembly.  Originally the plan was to use ipe throughout the project although the project’s budget had other ideas, so the amount of ipe used was reduced.

Overall, the team got good experience and proved to be pretty resilient. For the cherry on top, after a post-day huddle with the team, Professor Pastre almost had a movie-like moment with the appropriate quote : ” Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want”






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