This week will be a challenging one, but this is no news to you if you've read some of our last blog posts. We are  pushing forward this week to build and finish benches for programmatic elements as well as fully assemble pieces of the trusses for the final grand assembly on site . This [...]

Who Let the Concrete Out?

Throughout the process of the semester, I've learned that things really never go as planned.  Yesterday marked the "last" concrete pour, but probably not more than an hour into the pour one of our forms started bowing in the middle and gave out.  Not to mention the vibrator which was supposed to help only ended [...]

Time for Pier Formwork

With the plans to begin and complete pier formwork tomorrow, today marks a busy day for Studio V.  The form-work that will be made will be used to form the piers when we get ready to do our 3rd concrete pour.  Earlier in the week, the studio had been tasked with some preliminary site work [...]

Construction Documents!

Monday mark the initial push to start shop and construction documents for the project. Some tweaks may occur as we discover what may and may not actually work in terms of putting things together as well as suggestions from the BAR review. The bar review is on Thursday, so this adds extra importance to the [...]

Phase II Begins

Despite the groups being separated due to evacuating for Hurricane Dorian, they all will continue to share and collaborate on ideas for their proposal.  Based off suggestions from the Green Heart team and precedent studies, the small groups will hope to advance these ideas far enough to polish them when we all meet in person [...]