Morning Update

As we continue to charge forward this week, we are having team members basically working around the clock. There's a morning crew, a night crew, and the understanding that whenever you have free time, you should be in the shop working on the current task or tasks. I say "tasks" because we have about three [...]

Ipe Has Arrived!

I try to find the light in every situation. Monday, the situation was a failed concrete pier and the stress of quickly bracing the other piers so that they would not follow suit. On Tuesday, the light was that I had a great story to tell my coworkers, family, and friends, and that I learned [...]

Can I Get an Ice Bath Now…?

What a weekend! We may have taken a short break from blogging but let me assure you, Studio V was in full swing this weekend on site. Despite the rain on Sunday, we were able to work full days and got a lot accomplished in preparation for our first concrete pour. The highlights include: bending [...]

Wait, how would that work?

CD's are in full swing! Last night (Monday), may or may not have been a late one as the crew was working towards our first draft of the CD set. Today we are sending the drawings to our structural engineer and continuing to update and detail everything little thing, it's so interesting! Which calls to [...]

Long day = Long Blog Post

As the last blog update mentioned, Wednesday was a debrief of Monday. Each group did a mini informal presentation and highlighted the pros and cons of from our individual reviews. After seeing all of the notes on the dry erase board, we collectively made a list of "things we know." For example, our structure will [...]

Oh Dorian…

Leave it to Hurricane Dorian for making this the most interesting design development phase I've ever encountered. With our whole class dispersed throughout South Carolina, we've been relying on technology to converse and share ideas. Let's hear it for the Google Drive! Most groups have multiple folders set up for precedents, sketches, storage ideas, and [...]