Wait, how would that work?

CD’s are in full swing! Last night (Monday), may or may not have been a late one as the crew was working towards our first draft of the CD set. Today we are sending the drawings to our structural engineer and continuing to update and detail everything little thing, it’s so interesting!2

Which calls to attention the title of the post, “Wait, how would that work?” I’ve been saying and thinking this phrase a lot the past 24 hours as I am responsible for the roof, RCP plan, and subsequent details. Since this is a little outside of my expertise, I’ve been researching and sticking my nose in quite a few books. Who knew there are so many ways to detail a purlin to truss connection or a gutter to truss connection! Talking through some of these details with Pastre and and my classmates has really helped, too. Our decisions have been made based on aesthetics, budget, and time of construction.


When you really start thinking about each connection and the materials, it opens up your mind and allows you to see architecture in a different light. And this is just the first part! Once construction starts there’s going to be many more learning opportunities that will shape how I, and I’d venture to say the studio as a whole, think about design.

However, among my excitement about learning, the fact remains that we have a week to put together a construction document set for permit. Oh boy. Two days down, 3 more to go!

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