Oh Dorian…

Leave it to Hurricane Dorian for making this the most interesting design development phase I’ve ever encountered. With our whole class dispersed throughout South Carolina, we’ve been relying on technology to converse and share ideas. Let’s hear it for the Google Drive! Most groups have multiple folders set up for precedents, sketches, storage ideas, and site layout diagrams.


Thankfully, myself and another member from my group have relocated to Clemson for the week. We were able to discuss our ideas and sketch out some preliminary concepts at Lee Hall yesterday. I had been inadvertently focusing on program, circulation, and layout while she had been focusing on storage ideas, operable parts, and precedents. Therefore our ideas complimented each others rather nicely. Today we will be corresponding with our other team member to see what he’s working on and to get his input with our ideas.

Some of the group working in Lee Hall
Although Dorian has made this process less than ideal, we know that it’s imperative to stay focused. When we get back to Charleston we will have to hit the ground running in order to finalize our concepts and prepare our presentations. Fingers crossed that the city, especially our site, will have minimum to no damage!

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