Morning Update

As we continue to charge forward this week, we are having team members basically working around the clock. There’s a morning crew, a night crew, and the understanding that whenever you have free time, you should be in the shop working on the current task or tasks. I say “tasks” because we have about three to four key items going on at once. Yesterday we had our bottom chords (the boomerangs) gluing in one area of the shop, and jigs being fabricated for the gluing of the top “E” chords in another area while routing and touch-ups of our “D” wing chords took place by the loading dock area.


If you remember correctly, these trusses are MASSIVE so we have essentially taken over all floor and table space in the shop. Navigating around everything is both stressful and precarious as we don’t want to bump anything being glued. Oh, did I mention that epoxy takes about 12 hours to set? We are on a strict cycle of unclamping, moving, sanding, and staining the members after epoxy, while another group will move, setup jigs, align, glue, and clamp another set of members. While we could probably be more efficient with this process, I think we are doing pretty well given space, time, and experience of all team members. Plus, time is precious. With only a week left, we have to choose our time wisely and can’t waste too much of a day figuring out a small detail.


Today, a crew will be moving ready piece to site for assembly while another group will continue to work in the shop, gluing new members so that we can have all truss pieces finished and on site by Thursday!


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