Arch Architecture

Monday, we started to look at different construction methods for arches. We want to try to incorporate the Enston Home arches in our structure and possibly have it as a main element in our design. We are now all working together to try to find the appropriate construction methods to guide our final design. We are starting to think about the actual construction of this farmer’s stand given that we are building everything ourselves. Everyone is researching a different method of creating 18′ diameter arches made out of lighter materials. We want to avoid bending thicker pieces of wood and are looking at joints, materials and connections that could facilitate the process. Last night everyone was in the wood shop creating mock ups. We were able to see that some methods had potential and some, not so much. Nicole was welding steel with the help of Audrey and Taylor to try to make a larger steel beam, Alex was working on creating a smooth, curved arch made out of different straight pieces of wood and the rest of us were testing out different types of joints and doing research on materials, joints, budget and ways in which these methods can be used. Today is crucial for our design process. We have to make very important decisions.

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