Savannah Versus Charleston

Today the architecture students at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston took a field trip to historic Savannah, Georgia. This was an exciting trip as I, personally, haven’t been on a field trip since undergrad. Savannah is a great city with a rich history and culture that we were able to experience today, some of [...]

Everything Everywhere All at Once

To wrap up this week, we’ve been working in the shop most nights on cutting down material for formwork then assembling them. The process of cutting the material down and getting them ready to assemble started off rough but we now have a system in place to make things go more smoothly. For our ITC [...]

We Built a Bridge & Got Over It!

As we wrap up this week, I wanted to give a summary of the projects that were completed. We’ve had many things going on in the architecture department at the Clemson Design Center this week. The Ardmore project is wrapping up on our end as the planter boxes have been built and taken to site [...]

Bakers Gonna Bake!

Our studio is focusing on working in separate groups as we continue the Singleton pavilion project and work on wrapping up the Ardmore Bridge project. We also have been preparing for Hurricane Idalia to come through Charleston. This week the bridge team worked on laying out all the steel pieces and started bolting them together. [...]

Can we build it? Yes, we can!

Today a group of us went to Edith L. Frierson Elementary to install cabinetry and shelving that a group of students designed and fabricated this past week. We spent most of the day on site screwing the pieces together as well as trimming down pieces that didn't quite fit the as-built dimensions. Most of the [...]

What is an architect?

Today my classmate, Peyton, and I went to The Pink House which is a local non-profit that is a community resource center. They provide after school programs for children as well as food and hot meals to the community.  I am working with The Pink House this semester through my Community 1:1 class to provide [...]

Draw, Design, Iterate…Repeat!

As small group design continues, my group assessed what each of our designs had in common and decided to have another round of individual design this week to incorporate the features from each of our projects that we want to move forward with. Today we came together and worked to create a final scheme that [...]

Schemin’ & Dreamin’

Studio began with a design charette for the project in Eric Cornelius Singleton ll Park. Everyone was split into 3 groups of five and given 30 minutes to create a scheme on the site for the community garden and pavilion that we’re looking to design and build. After the 30 minutes, we gathered to discuss [...]

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Today the Ardmore Park team split up to work on two projects: one team went to Forrest Park bridge and the other to Ardmore. The Forrest Park team is working on maintenance for the bridge railing. They began by sanding it down and will finish up by applying varnish to protect it from weathering. The [...]