Teamwork makes the dream work!

Today the Ardmore Park team split up to work on two projects: one team went to Forrest Park bridge and the other to Ardmore. The Forrest Park team is working on maintenance for the bridge railing. They began by sanding it down and will finish up by applying varnish to protect it from weathering.

The team at Ardmore Park is working on field verification by taking measurements for the planter boxes and scouting places for the pedestrian bridge that will connect the site and future walking trails.


Once measurements were taken at Ardmore, we headed back to studio to begin the design process for the planter boxes which included drawing many iterations to work through our ideas, combining each person’s ideas, and finally beginning a digital mockup of our final iteration.

Our next steps are to finalize a planter box design and begin fabricating, weed the green roof, and finish sanding & seal the Forrest Park project railing.

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