Making a Game Plan

While taking a tour all over Charleston to visit past projects, we were able to experience each project within their distinct context. It was very inspiring to see how each build settles into the space and it was difficult to imagine the space without the build. Each project existed as if it was meant to be there.

Each project was successful not only as a beautiful addition to the community but also by showing the essence of life. Traces of human activity made the projects much more than a structure. There were people occupying the space, tools and objects filling the shelves and drawers, and an abundance of greenery displaying the result of care and commitment. All these things are brought together by a single build.

While visiting the past projects we were also able to see what could be added and what needed maintenance. The two projects that stood out are Frierson Elementary and Ardmore Park. The studio split into two groups to tackle repairs and additions for each site. 

This week each group strategized and created a checklist of what needs to be done. We will spend the rest of this week returning to the sites to carry out these plans. The Frierson Elementary team will focus on finishing touches such as finishing underground drainage, hanging doors and interior storage walls. This team will also be designing shelving, door handles, and a counter/sink.

Meanwhile the Ardmore Park team is concentrating on preforming maintenance on the green roof, designing and fabricating planter boxes, and figuring out logistics for the bridge installation.

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