Be Prepared!

Over this weekend we spent time to further prepare for our build on site. If everything is cut and drilled correctly, it should all come together relatively quickly. This week has been spent working on our 6x6 columns and our 2x10 elements throughout the build. With drawings in hand, we have been hard at work [...]

Precision Down to 3/32 of an Inch

This week we have been working full steam ahead on finalizing shop drawings and cutting and assembling formwork for the concrete pours in the pavilion. One of the most interesting things about having 15 people in the wood shop working on 1 form is coordination. In order to pull this off we need to come [...]

Ready, Set, BRIDGE!

And just like that, the ardmore bridge is set in place.. We had an early start today meeting on site at 7:30 in the morning. We met with city employees who were operating a huge crane. Since the foundation and formwork had already been set, the only thing left to do was place the bridge. [...]

Introduction to Baking

We recently had our first assignment in our Introduction To Craft course. This consisted of trying out everyone’s cakes and pastries and putting our baking skills to the test. We all had the chance to explain our recipe and process and share what worked and what didn’t during the experimentation of our creations.  It was [...]

Preparing for Opening

We're continuing to prepare for the Frierson site opening scheduled for April 27th. We are continuing to work on furniture and final details of the project. The wooden framework for the counter, sink and benches is making great progress as well as the metal hardware for the doors. By now the team has become much [...]


Time to hit the ground running! Since spring break, we have had a meeting to get back on track and to discuss where we should focus our efforts for the next couple of weeks. We discussed what we should have prepared for the community event next week which includes a physical model as well as [...]

Small Group Design

After sharing our individual designs with stakeholders last Friday, we have been split into small groups to further the design process. Some groups are choosing to implement characteristics from their original garden designs while others are choosing to create something completely new. For the next 2 weeks we are planning to draw schematics and figure [...]

Measure 10 Times, Cut Once

With one day left until the PLI, production is moving along. We are still working in teams to build the mural, finish the puzzle piece nametags, and make sure the woodshop is in top condition for the CDCC event. We have been spending time on the grid and making sure everything is cut and print [...]

Making a Game Plan

While taking a tour all over Charleston to visit past projects, we were able to experience each project within their distinct context. It was very inspiring to see how each build settles into the space and it was difficult to imagine the space without the build. Each project existed as if it was meant to [...]