Pipe Down!!!

The team at Frierson Elementary School on John’s Island completed a great task: gluing PVC pipes and filling the trenches that they were in with dirt! Consisting of Olivia Wideman, Jon Morris and Andre Daniels, this trio within the Frierson Team took on the task of installing the PVC pipes which ran from the gutters of the pavilion at Frierson all the way to the lowest point of the site, eventually into the sewage drain at the road.  The experience taught us how drainage works in a gutter system, as well as how constructing said system works.

The first step was to pull apart the PVC pipes, which were put together (but not glued together), wipe the appropriate ends off, and apply the glue provided to seal the pieces together.  It was a bit of a test of strength to pull apart the pieces, but we were resilient!

We had a couple of setbacks, such as ensuring that the ends of the pipes that fed into the gutters were standing up as close to 90 degrees as possible.  We did have to cut a piece and redo it, but we got it right that second time!  Nothing too major, as we progressed and moved forward.  As we glued the pieces together, we ensured that the PVC sloped downward towards the drain, as one would not want water to settle on the ground, resulting in flooding.  We adjusted heights as necessary, adding rocks in certain areas for both height and to help with drainage.  Now THAT’S how you kill two birds with one stone!


Lastly, we shoveled the dirt back into the trenches, and came back with a tamper, compacting the dirt down.  Both labor-intensive, but very rewarding!  Who needs a gym, when you can shovel dirt and use a tamper to compact the dirt?  Can you imagine the smiles on our faces and the heavy sighs of relief escaping our breath once we finished?? That, my friends, is the feeling of accomplishment.

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