A Lamp Unto My Feet, A Light Unto My Path

Disclaimer: I'm not getting spiritual on you all with this title (iykyk); however, I deem it fitting for today's discussion and objective.  Today we worked on and further developed our ITC project, which is to design and build a functioning lamp using either casting, laminated wood, or a combination of both.  Towards the end of [...]

Eye Tee Cee

Eye Tee Cee.  It's one of our courses, ITC (Intro to Craft), and it saw an influx of students working diligently and vigorously on our projects over our Fall Break.  Typically, Fall Break is a time to relax, regroup and get our minds right for the remainder of the semester.  Not us though (well, some [...]

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters….

Okay, so there are no actual troubled waters that we're building this bridge over, but the Simon and Garfunkel song reference could not be overlooked (I personally prefer Whitney Houston and Cece Winans's live rendition, but that's neither here nor there).  But anyway, over the last week, we the Community+Build students made significant strides and [...]

Rethinking God’s House (Well This One, at Least)

I have the pleasure of working with Bill Stanfield, CEO of Metanoia, the nonprofit that I am partnered with this semester that focuses on youth leadership, affordable housing and community development.  In getting to know him, I've come to find that he also serves as the assistant pastor at the St. Matthew Baptist Church of [...]

Take a Look, It’s in a Book….

If you have ever watched the hit PBS Kids show "Reading Rainbow" as a child, adolescent, teen, really at any age, then you have heard the words of this post's title sung (I personally like Chaka Khan's version of it, but that's neither here nor there).  Anyway, we have been spending the last four or [...]

Welcome to Charleston, Mr. President!

On Thursday, February 9th, the President's Leadership Institute (PLI) of Clemson University came down to the Clemson Architecture Center Charleston (CACC) in the Cigar Factory to visit Clemson architecture's Charleston fluid studio. Consisting of President Jim Clements and a cohort of faculty from Clemson University, including both Jim Stevens and Dan Harding of Clemson architecture, [...]

Pipe Down!!!

The team at Frierson Elementary School on John's Island completed a great task: gluing PVC pipes and filling the trenches that they were in with dirt! Consisting of Olivia Wideman, Jon Morris and Andre Daniels, this trio within the Frierson Team took on the task of installing the PVC pipes which ran from the gutters [...]