A Lamp Unto My Feet, A Light Unto My Path

Disclaimer: I’m not getting spiritual on you all with this title (iykyk); however, I deem it fitting for today’s discussion and objective.  Today we worked on and further developed our ITC project, which is to design and build a functioning lamp using either casting, laminated wood, or a combination of both.  Towards the end of our group discussion from the assigned text “A Pattern Language,” we discussed light and how it interacts with space, how it is perceived, and how people and living things interact with light.  Light is an essential and vital component to our design, and how we address the light that we choose for our individual lamps will factor into the success of the lamps design.


This led students to further develop or rethink how they addressed the light within their lamp design.  Some are using lamp shades of different designs and materials, some are incorporating their lights into the lamp itself, and others are exploring other methods of diffusing light.  Some students began developing mock-ups of their lamps as a means of understanding how their design can work, what challenges their designs can present, and understanding how the lights chosen interact with their lamps.


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