Site Work Imminent?

As we approach Thanksgiving we are all very eager to get on site and get started. On Wednesday we finally got a good taste of working on site. Our rebar was delivered at Singleton Park so we got a group to go out there and start cutting and bending them into loops according to our rebar plan. We also got the chance to repaint the lines for where our pavilion is to be placed. Our crew also set up the orange safety fence in preparation for starting construction.

Once we start digging out the area for our concrete slab we can place the rebar we’ve cut and bent so that we can start our pours. Then we’ll be able to incorporate the pier formworks we finished and pour those as well. Our whole crew is so excited to be finally getting on to the site getting our shovels into the dirt.

Our other group kept working steady in the woodshop as we continue receiving lumber to cut for the pavilion. We’re already over halfway done cutting all of the structural members for the design, so when we eventually transport everything to site we’ll be able to put it all together in no time! All of our careful consideration and time put into the woodshop is going to pay off out on site. Be prepared to see lots more shots of constructions in action coming your way soon!

John and Kevin hammering posts for the fence

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