Illuminate your Design (Details)

In our Introduction to Craft class we have been ironing out some of the specific detailing for the lamp designs that soon, we’ll be beginning to make.

Everyone has different approaches to figuring out the scale, dimensioning, and material/product specifications. Some choose to model in software such as Rhino or Sketchup3D and will experiment with scale, color/material choices there and take the dimensions straight from the software. Others will draw it digitally on CAD strictly for realistic dimensioning. Some others, myself included, have been sketching out the parts and pieces by hand while experimenting with small scale paper mockups to understand shape.

As we come to a more prescribed understanding of the parts and pieces of the lamp, including any structure, lamp shading, light bulb, socket, cord and potentially switch, it’ll be crucial to make to-scale mockups to figure out the precise details and joinery. As the lighting is the most essential part of a lamp, we’ll need to really consider the tone (in kelvins), brightness (lumens or watts) and required power (voltage) of the bulbs so that it fits the aesthetic and other parts of the designed lamp.

As we look to start ordering materials soon, it’s crucial to exchange ideas and feedback with professors and peers in order to have the most successful project possible.

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