Forest Park Bridge Cleanup and Repair

Hosting a recently broken handle and overrun by pesky weeds, Forest Park's beloved bridge was deeply in need of repair when we began to work on it. Slicing through a multitude of weeds and prying determined vines off of the steel dowels, we battled bugs in the hot sun. Next, the repair of the now [...]

Summer Days Got Us Sweatin’ on a Deadline

Working as one large 15 person team, we're sprinting to develop the details of our pavilion, storage, and garden designs while simultaneously producing final drawings, renderings, and a physical model to show to our beneficiaries and city partners. As excited as we are about the way the design is turning out, there is much yet [...]

Break-ing for Wonder

As we look forward to presenting our small group designs on Friday, our studio is in full on production mode. Digital models are being brought to a level of structural and material realism and drawings are being diagrammed to communicate clear program and purpose. Pairing with our teams' digital and drawn representations, we're building physical [...]

Pull it Together! Now Scatter…

Following last Friday's site research presentation to the various involved parties and future beneficiaries of our Community Build studio project, we all took a thorough second pass on research over the weekend. Pushing through the pain of the Eagles' loss and RiRi's underwhelming half-time performance on the Sunday Super Bowl, we still managed to find [...]