Break-ing for Wonder

As we look forward to presenting our small group designs on Friday, our studio is in full on production mode. Digital models are being brought to a level of structural and material realism and drawings are being diagrammed to communicate clear program and purpose. Pairing with our teams’ digital and drawn representations, we’re building physical 1″:4′ scale models that we’ll use both for the Friday small team presentation and for a community engagement and feedback event. We’re all pushing to achieve a level of excitement and innovation that would take the beneficiaries of this design aback and delight their sense of wonder.

It’s difficult to merely sit still and produce during such a beautiful, sunny week. However, even in the middle of East Central Charleston, a short walk can take you through plenty of beauty. From the Ravenel Bridge to the grand old oaks preserved throughout the city, there is much existing to be-held during short breaks.

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