Making the Most Before Midterms

Midterms are fast approaching and we are gearing up for our small group design presentations! Everyone’s been working very hard leading up to this Friday where we will present our small group iterations to Green Heart and Meeting St Academy to receive feedback. Before we all set into our final stretch for the presentations, we decided we could use a de-stresser, and when in Charleston, what better way to destress than a trip to the beach!

After class was over we went out to lay in the sand, play some volleyball, throw a frisbee and enjoy the warm Spring air. Think of it as a bonding team exercise akin to that of last years hit Top Gun: Maverick. We even played a little bit of football, just like in the scene from the movie. In fact, someone even managed to snap this great picture of me:

Some say this looks like a picture of Miles Teller from Top Gun: Maverick but trust me, it’s not (it is). Regardless, we had a lot of fun in the sun and were rejuvenated to get back into the studio to crack down on the design process.

Throughout the next week we’ll be focused on making plans, sections, diagrams, a model and whatever else we need to sell our designs for the garden pavilion at Singleton park. It’ll be a busy week with hopefully a great payoff come Friday. We’re sure there will be many more beach days to come but first we’ve got to work hard to play hard!

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