Gearing Up For Groundbreaking

After our success with the bridge at the Ardmore site, our entire crew can now fully focus on preparing the final drawings to get started with construction on the Singleton Pavilion. At the beginning of studio we met to run through all of the tasks that needed completing before we break ground on site next [...]

Laboring Through Labor Day Weekend

As we venture upon the Labor Day holiday weekend we've got a few crews working on our different community build projects. We've been hard at work getting the semester started and are eager to get back on track after our hurricane days. Most of our studio can be seen in the woodshop during class hours [...]

1 Week To Go

We've got one week left of classes to go before finals and we're all hard at work together to finish up the various projects left. Most of Friday was spent in the woodshop, cutting wood to get ready for a trip back to Frierson or working on metal for the bridge at Ardmore. Kevin's butterfly [...]

Divy Up The Drawings

As we finalize our full studio group design, we're beginning to put together our boards to present to Meeting St. Academy on Wednesday. Last Friday, our studio got together and split up all of the drawings, putting one student in charge of each drawing over the weekend. In our presentation we want to be as [...]

Making the Most Before Midterms

Midterms are fast approaching and we are gearing up for our small group design presentations! Everyone's been working very hard leading up to this Friday where we will present our small group iterations to Green Heart and Meeting St Academy to receive feedback. Before we all set into our final stretch for the presentations, we [...]

Getting Some Context

This past Friday, our studio got the chance to take a history walk around Charleston with our History and Theory III professor, Michael Maher. Our crew started out at Waterfront Park where Professor Maher gave us some backstory on the expansion of the peninsula over the years. We talked about potential flood zones and how [...]

Wet Varnish On Rail!!

On Friday the Forest Park team (Staci Knighton and myself) completed our first Spring Cleaning task.  We were tasked to touch up the handrails on the Forest Park bridge project by sanding it and applying a coat of varnish.  When working on Wednesday Staci and I only had one sander between the two of us [...]