1 Week To Go

We’ve got one week left of classes to go before finals and we’re all hard at work together to finish up the various projects left. Most of Friday was spent in the woodshop, cutting wood to get ready for a trip back to Frierson or working on metal for the bridge at Ardmore. Kevin’s butterfly house for Katie’s Crops is also going strong and is going to get installed next week!

Over the weekend we also started preparing the final documentation process for the semester. This documentation will continue into next year to serve as a summary of our design process and construction at the Singleton Site. When we return to class on Monday, the crew will be headed back out to Frierson to add the finishing touches to the project, which includes installing the countertop and sink and finishing up a few shelves.

We’ve got a lot of work to get done in the coming week but we’re all very excited to see our projects to completion and hopefully make a lot of clients happy! This semester’s been full of lots of challenges and fun times and we’ve all learned a lot about collaboration and grown a lot closer together. Even through the hard work though we still find some time to have some fun, which is clearly visible in this picture below of use reconstructing John.

As the countdown continues, we’re looking forward to an amazing end of the semester, and can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

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