Laboring Through Labor Day Weekend

As we venture upon the Labor Day holiday weekend we’ve got a few crews working on our different community build projects. We’ve been hard at work getting the semester started and are eager to get back on track after our hurricane days. Most of our studio can be seen in the woodshop during class hours working hard on our various projects.

Our studio has split into four separate crews to get work done in different places. One crew is plugging away on the construction documents for our Singleton Park project, another crew is building the planter boxes for the Ardmore site, another is repairing the broken handrail at Forest Park Bridge, and the last crew is putting together the additions to the Ardmore bridge.

As part of the planter box crew, we’ve completed the frame for the structure and are in the process of applying the trim. The structure is meant to hold 6 plastic planter boxes that can be taken in and out of the structure for demonstrations. After the first planter box is complete we’ll start on the second and both will be installed at the Ardmore park pavilion for public community use. It’s very exciting getting to see the planter boxes that we designed from the last semester get completed through our construction. Here’s to a productive rest of the week!

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