The Journey Begins!

The first day of class at CACC was unlike I had ever experienced in school. There was no conventional presentation or theoretical lesson. Instead, there was a very interesting workshop for laser cutting. It was fun learning the new skill which will be very helpful not only in our academics but in professional life as well.

The following day was more exciting since we got to learn about and practice woodcutting. We trained and practiced using tools including table saw, wood jointer, wood planer, and microsaw. The safety considerations that should be followed when operating the machines were explained to us.

The next studio activity was site visits. First, we got to see all of the previous students’ work with Professor David Pastre. More than ten buildings were visited and studied. All the structures were really intriguing, and none of them failed to inspire us!

Professor David encouraged us by saying,

“This is done by students with no experience like you. As a result, don’t be intimidated; you can accomplish it as well. Guys, this is going to be a lot of fun!”

Our day was concluded with a tour to the proposed site where we will be working this year. It is opposite to a school. We have to build a community garden for the school kids. We are very excited and thrilled to study the site and surroundings, understand the context, design, to know the community and connect with them and the most thrilling part, building our own designs by our own hands in real!

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