Edith L. Frierson Garden Pavillion

As the semester comes to an end and the majority of the studio is heading home for the holidays, there are few of us sticking around to wrap things up. Over the next few weeks, we will be working on finishing touches like finalizing storage installation, roofing, and painting in between the holidays and moving back to Clemson for the spring semester. With the main structure complete, the next studio will stand in to add the sink and a few other elements and finish this wonderful project so that it may serve as a community hot spot.

The project has spanned over two semesters and has had two studios of bright young minds eager to bring this pavilion to life. Through the ups and downs there have been many great experiences and lessons learned that we can all carry with us into the future. We had the privilege to work with great engineers, architects, and others who helped this project through its hurdles to give the students the outdoor classroom that they deserve. We look forward to seeing the project be officially unveiled in the near future!



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